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Advanced Foam Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure designed to target a specific problem.  The problem being that the "one-way" valves in the leg veins especially, become ineffective.  This allows blood that should be flowing only upward from the foot to the heart, to flow backward.


This added pressure puts undue stress on the walls of the surrounding veins which causes them to bulge.  This bulging expresses itself as a "varicose vein".  The vein looks something like a small, undulating snake just below the skin.  The condition is always unsightly, and often painful. 


As if this wasn't bad enough, varicose veins often cause multiple "spider veins"very near the skin surface!  These occur because the added back pressure is transmitted to these tiny veins close to the surface, causing them to dilate and become visible. 


These unhealthy veins don't get better by themselves.  More often, as time goes by the back pressure causes progressive damage to the veins exposed to the back pressure.


The most practical medical solution is to remove the vein segment that is involved with the backward blood flow.  Often, more than one segment of vein is involved.  Fortunately, the body has a great redundancy in the superficial venous system, and the blood simply returns to the heart through alternate, healthy veins.  That is why surgeons often take veins from the leg for heart surgery.


Sclerotherpy is an alternative to surgical vein stripping.  The procedure involves injecting medication through a small needle into the vein, under guidance of ultrasound images.  The medication causes the vein to close off.  It generally takes 3 or 4 sessions to locate and close off, all the malfunctioning veins.  Because these veins are no longer useful to the body, they are naturally re-absorbed. 



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